The Textile Circle


A place where you can discover endless possibilities with textiles. Learn new skills while you walk your own creative path. Make new items from treasured clothes and pre-loved materials. Add your own story and identity to your modern creations. 

Everyone is creative. It will expand further through exploring and play. Let's share the fun of making by hand and engaging the heart.

What we offer


The Textile Circle offers workshops and lessons in a variety of subjects. These will be circulated over time. To name a few: up-cycling of clothes, making a story cloth, patching and fixing, decorating, applique.

Another very important subject: community! Let's connect and share, broaden our Textile Circle.



Used textiles have a story and therefore they are hard to part with. They are the starting point of your creative adventure. By looking at their qualities and details you will find inspiration to give them new life and purpose. This can be a piece of clothing or another useful item. It can be a decorative art piece for yourself or as a gift. You will learn about fabrication, texture, colour, shape, layering, fixing, different stitches, machine and hand sewing.